Binance believes that the price increase of Bitcoin is different from 2017

From Binance they explain what makes this time different from other bullish cycles that have had the price of Bitcoin.

In the last few hours, the price of Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $20,000, which represented a growth of almost 180% since the beginning of 2020 and marked this year as one of the most successful in the history of cryptomoney. This was pointed out by Binance, with an analysis shared with Cointelegraph en EspaƱol, from Argentina.

What makes this time different from other upward cycles that cryptomoney has had? In response to this question, they stressed that, first of all, there is the interest that public and private institutions are showing in including Bitcoin among their assets, including investment firms, hedge fund administrators and even companies that are quoted on the stock exchange. This has encouraged the organic growth of its value.

Another example of this was the announcement of PayPal, which will allow customers to buy and sell Bitcoin on its platform, awakening the interest of a more massive audience and raising the issue in the press and public opinion, thus increasing the knowledge and confidence of new users.

„This last movement towards the rise, finishes consolidating what was already glimpsed in the last weeks. Bitcoin had been testing a ceiling of USD 20,000 and managed to break it. The improvements in the markets in general, that the companies that invested in Bitcoin have bought back, as is the case of Microstrategy, which after buying 550 million dollars, has bet another 650 million, with an average price above 19,200 dollars, were factors that strongly influenced to break that ceiling,“ said Maximiliano Hinz, Latam Operations Director of Binance.

On the other hand, they also pointed out that, according to Google Trends, the number of searches for the terms „bitcoin“ and „price“ is far from reaching the massiveness levels of late 2017 (remembered as the last great rise of the cryptomone) which suggests that the growth of 2020 is not based on a frenzy of more novice investors looking to be part of the hype, but is most likely being driven by corporate investors and the consolidation of their participation within the cryptomone sector.

But what has drawn the attention of these investors to consider Bitcoin as an investment? What are the factors that have led Bitcoin to gain the trust of more traditional investors?

Binance pointed out that first of all, you have to look at the pricing history. „BTC started the year above $7,000 and in two months touched the $10,000 level. Then there was a pandemic-driven drop in global markets, which also affected Bitcoin and brought its price down to about $4,000. What followed was a steady return to pre-collapse levels in just two months, followed by stability near the $10,000 level, with lateral stocks in the middle, before the sustained rise in the last few months and the arrival of a record high in the last few hours,“ they detailed.

Another factor that according to this company has influenced the growth is the understanding of Bitcoin as a reserve of value with similar characteristics to gold.

„Some observers see BTC as a digital version of the precious metal, with similar scarcity properties that make both assets good deposits of value. However, Bitcoin outperforms gold in some features, such as counterfeit resistance, fungibility, portability, security, and more, making it generally less expensive and simpler to handle than gold,“ they said.

„Similar to the previous point, the understanding of Bitcoin as a negotiable asset compared to stocks has helped to understand the digital asset as a medium and long term investment worth considering. Other observers compare the rise and volatility of Bitcoin to the stock market, only with lower entry and maintenance thresholds, as well as a 24/7 market with a growing global user base. That’s why Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies have proven to have the potential to offer returns similar to those of the traditional stock market, while being more useful from an individual and institutional point of view,“ they added.